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It takes each of us – individuals, schools, and community organizations to build a violence-free Texas.At TCFV, we’re committed to ensuring that our shared vision of a safe and healthy state becomes a reality.

Youth violence affects all communities and all members of a community.How to Help Teens Dealing with Dating Violence Teens who are in an abusive relationship may have a difficult time getting help.Online courses provide key info on bullying, dating violence Two interactive distance-learning courses, Bullying 101 and Teen Dating Violence 101, provide key information about bullying, cyber bullying, and dating violence and explain how to create safe, healthy environments and relationships.This training, created by the Washington State Coalition Against Domestic Violence, is an interactive activity designed to give participants the opportunity to better understand the circumstances of family violence survivors and the choices they make about their relationships.This training encourages powerful conversation and brings to surface issues of safety, resources, personal choices, barriers, and a myriad of social service systems.

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