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Just like the fall fashion season, schools compete to have the best outfits for their 100-yard runway and since the extra cash isn’t going to the players themselves, some schools do not hold back on the flash.

Here are seven of this years’ newest college football uniforms: 7.

All thirty two NFL teams got new uniforms courtesy of Nike this year, and several college football teams got a new look prior to the season, but what about high school teams? While some revisions have long been necessary, other designs stand out in stark contrast to traditional football attire. As the college football season approaches, schools have begun to showcase new or “updated” uniforms, which are designed to awe fans and dishearten opponents.And that's exactly what this Scottsdale team has under their belt this fall.Wearing brand new adidas Techfit gear, the Sabercats are a forced to be reckoned with.

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