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It might mean a point of contention within marriage, which is never good.

It’s all right if you and the other person don’t see perfectly eye to eye on money yet. Just remember that this topic is the number-one cause of divorce in America, so if there is a big difference in your financial approaches, it could be a sign you aren’t with the right person.

No two people are going to agree about everything—and that goes double for money.

You have spenders and savers, Nerds and Free Spirits.

If you disagree with your boyfriend/girlfriend about some money topic then find a compromise, that’s one thing.

But if one or both of you refuses to budge on your stance, that could change an orange flag to a red one.

He is internally driven and certain of who he is and what he wants.

Now back to the woman who posed the initial question.

Dating someone does not yet have the same long-term outlook as being married or engaged, but it’s a big step.

When you start to discuss bigger matters with the person you are dating, you are in essence letting them know that you are thinking further down the road.

Perhaps the best real-life example of this scenario is actress Sandra Bullock and her ex-husband, motorcycle bad boy Jesse James, who publicly split after his serial infidelity was revealed in 2010another because they are strong enough to "take" her, these men are also the cheaters, verbal/emotional abusers, or worse.

I was really glad she asked her question for two reasons: One, because the same problem affects so many smart, accomplished women, and two, because I can explain what this phenomenon is all about.

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