Dating men with uncut penis

Anyway, last time I checked men don’t use foreskin to text back.

About a year ago, I had my first encounter with an uncircumcised penis.

If men were as sexualized as women culturally, would circumcision be considered with the same disdain as female genital mutilation?

The good news: no matter what type of accessories your junk is rocking this cuddle season, guys, you’re sure to find someone out there to be your little spoon.

While I can understand how it might have been the “clean” thing to do back in the day before running water was a thing, and we were washing ourselves exclusively with lard and lavender, circumcision seems totally unnecessary now.

That's because the foreskin itself, which is full of nerve endings and highly vascular, is actually more sensitive than the glans mucosa (that’s the “head” in layman’s speak).

Some even postulate that foreskin provides natural friction, which increases female lubrication and sensation for all parties.

While I would die happy if I never had to hear the word “snorkledick” again, Lauren raises a valid point.

In an age increasingly defined by sexual empowerment and liberty, why are male infants being subjected to this without any say in the matter?

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